Rules to follow before rating the players’ performance

The first and most important rule to follow, is to rate only if you have watched the entire game. If you only watched some highlights, do not vote.
The “problem” with voting, is its subjectivity. The main point of Voopl, is to try to let people express themselves by voting, but to stop haters and fan boys from spoiling the vote.

If you participate in a forum, you can always share your point of view with some argumentation, but the moderators have the power to ban you from the site if you do not respect the guidelines.
Voopl is trying to do the same. Everyone can vote, but if your vote is not matching the content of the game, you receive a warning the first time, until a ban from the site if the problem persists.

Before voting, try to keep in mind these simple rules :

A 10 must be a very rare grade. If you give five 10 per season, you are not using it in the right way.
It is the same for a grade under 3. A 2 means that the player almost failed at everything he tried. You can give a 0 if you know the player has been playing in purpose against his team.
Try not to give better or worse grades just because you like or dislike a player in the team. Focus on the game, and grade accordingly.

If you give a 9 to a player only for example, He should obviously be the best player for the team during this game.
At the opposite if you only give a 4 to a player, he should obviously be the worst player of the team for that game.
Remember, you are giving grades for the game you have watched. You are not grading the players for what they did in the past or might do in the future. Even though it is a hard task, you are asked here to take the place of the journalist that usually rate the players at the end of the game.

Goals and Assists.

Do not judge a game only by the statistics.
If you watched the game, you should have a good judgement about the players overall performance.
A player that scores a hat-trick, including two penalties and one in an empty cage, did not necessarily do a good game. Especially if his team was already winning 3-0.
A player making an assist for a teammate that dribbles the whole team before scoring, did not necessarily did a good game.
The exemples are infinite.

The french magazine les cahiers du football once wrote a funny article about the journal L’equipe (French sport Journal that sometimes rates players).
Here are some sentences translated to English :

The player is brasilian, speaks french in less than 2 weeks and it’s a lovely summer evening : 8
The player scored a goal : +1.5
The player is friend with the journalist : +2
The journalist did not check at all the player's performance : 5.5
The goalkeeper makes some easy saves look spectacular : 7
You got the idea ;).

So, try to avoid the trap : 3 goals or 3 assists = 8-9. A player with 3 goals can have a 7. Like a defender with no goals and no assists can have a 9.

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