Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voopl for?

Voopl is for football (soccer) fans, who watch games and want to make their voice count.

How can I make my voice count?

You need to register by choosing the team you follow, and after watching the game, come back to grade the players of your team.

Can I choose more than one team?

Not for now.


It is more probable that you follow the games of a specific team, so your votes will be more accurate.

Can I vote even if I did not watch a game?

You must not! Vote only if you have watched the game. Not the highlights, even a 20mn highlights.

Why is this important?

Football opinion is dominated by statistics today, but the wrong ones. Goals scored are the most important statistics today. By getting the votes of people watching the games, we can balance that judgement, and have a real outline of a player or a team season.

This is great! But what if someone sends some random grades?

An algorithm has been developed to check for grades that do not match the reality of the game. After the algorithm has flagged a grade, a person that watched the game, validates or invalidates the grade.

Why is my team not available?

The site is still in beta. We need some representatives for each team, to help the algorithm work. Before we are sure that this team has valuable few members, it won’t be available.

I watch all my team games and I want to help. What should I do?

You can contact us, and we will try to set up a trial period for your team. If it goes well, your team will be available.

Any other questions?

Use the contact form. We will be glad to answer any question you have.

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