Copa America : Group Stage Lessons!


In this article, we will discuss what we learned from this Copa America Group Stage and what we can expect from the quarters.

We will obvisouly use your votes and the available data for the analysis.


We finally have our top 8 in this Copa America.

The second stage of the tournament will be completely different from the first one, but let's summarize what happened so far.

Here is the current team ranking, casted out from your votes :

Let's take a look, team by team :



The clear favorite of the tournament after the group stage.

With an average grade of 6.33, they have more than 0.3 point over the second best team, Argentina.

This may seem insignificant, but it is more than the difference between Peru (3rd) and Bolivia (11th).

Chile has a very strong team. Playing at home, they will definitely be hard to beat this year.


Nervertheless, we should keep in mind they were in the weakest group. Bolivia (2nd of the group), is the weakest team in our ranking still in the quarters, and Mexico came to the tournament with their B team.

The quarter against Uruguay will be much harder than most people expect for Chile.



For most Argentineans, and Argentinean fans, the Copa America has been a deception so far. The last WC finalist and its big names find it hard to play like a team yet.

Argentina nonetheless topped the hardest group with 7 points. The biggest deception must have been the game against Jamaica.

Maybe it was a way to rest, or a real problem: we will see when they will take it up against Colombia.




The relative good surprise of this Copa America. Finishing 2nd in a group containing Brazil and Colombia. With experienced players like Guerrero, Farfan and Pizarro, and facing the weakest team of the quarters, Peru will probably go to the semi final, and who knows, be the real surprise this year ?




One of the outsiders, and the only team with Argentina and Chile that did not lose yet. The quarter final vs Brazil is going to be difficult for both teams. It might also be difficult to watch due to both teams defensive systems. 




Colombia missed the first game against Venezuela, and are now in a diffcult situation. To win the title, they might have to beat Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The quarter Colombia vs Argentina will definitely be worth watching.



Seems like the flamboyant Brazil never existed. Without Neymar and with Dunga as a head coach, the joga bonito is definitely absent in this Copa. With the deception of the last WC, and Neymar out, the brazilians will want to prove they are still a great team. Watch out.




The last winner is, as expected, not at his best. Exit Forlan, Suarez and Cavani (did you notice him?).

They will be facing the current favorite of the tournament, in the boiling estadio nacional de chile. Add no more, Uruguay might leave the competition in a few hours.

But as said earlier, let's not forget that Chile faced way easier opponents so far, and might be discouraged by Uruguay if the 0-0 keeps going on.




That Bolivia is still here shows how "weak" the group A was. With all due respect, of course.

Their victory against Ecuador seemed more like an accident than anything else. They probably will not go further than the quarters.



We can see from the ranking that Ecuador (6th) is ranked better than Bolivia, but their defeat against them was fatal.

Jamaica did it's best in the tournament and was an honorable opponent. Losing 1-0 in every game. They were too unbalanced to do anything more than that though, with only 2 shots on target in 3 games.



If we take the ranking and current form, these should be the semi finals :

Chile - Peru

Argentina - Paraguay

Let's see how it goes and good quarters everyone!



Post published on 24/06/2015 at 19:12

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